Coconut Oil


Good bye lotion, Hello fractionated coconut oil! This stuff is amazing, seriously! First of all, it doesn’t expire for five years, giving you plenty of time to use this large bottle up! This coconut oil has many different uses, but I mainly use it to moisturize my skin. I love that this doesn’t have a scent and is hypoallergenic. I am very sensitive to many lotions (fragranced or not) and sometimes break out in large itchy welts. It’s very frustrating and miserable.

I was given this bottle to review and decided to try it as a skin moisturizer and my skin hasn’t had any bad reactions to it. It blends in easily and leaves my skin with a nice dewy glow, which will perfect for the Spring/Summer time when I wear tank tops and shorts! The one thing you need to be careful of when using this fractionated coconut oil is that it a little goes a long way, but it comes out very fast. My skin is just as hydrated at night as when I put the coconut oil on in the morning. Most lotions I use I have to reapply over and over.

This huge bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil is only $14.45 on Amazon. Not only will it save you money over lotion, but it’s better for your skin too!


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