Randoms Wonka Candy


I recently received a bag of these new gummy candy by Wonka, called Randoms complimentary from Smiley 360 for free to taste test and review. I seriously like everything about these candies! I wouldn’t dare keep them in my house, except for on special occasions or else I will eat the whole bag! They are soo addicting!

First of all, I love the shapes! They are as the name describes..RANDOM! All these random fun shapes, so you’ll never know what you pick out of the bag next. It’s a unique take on candy and makes it that much more enjoyable.

All the different fruit flavors are delicious and some even have a kind of liquid jelly inside…once again random! The texture of these gummy candies is spot on! Chewy, but soft at the same time!

I think these candies are great for kids and adults and would be a fun addition to an Easter basket this year! 🙂


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