Oto-Scoop Ear Wax Remover


Are you a q-tip user when it comes to cleaning your ears? Have you ever pushed the q-tip to far? It can be so painful and using cotton swabs actually pushes the ear wax farther into your ear. This is why I try to avoid using q-tips and cotton swabs! I have tried other ear wax removal systems such as squirting and pulling out water with a ear syringe, but it never seemed to work.

This Oto-Scoop ear wax remover is awesome at getting the gross ear wax out of your ears! I like that it has a guard on it so it doesn’t go to deep into your ear. It simple to use, just place in your ear and use a scoop movement to bring the ear wax out. The flex tip looks like hard plastic so I was a little worried t would be uncomfortable, but it isn’t painful at all and it is easy to clean off for the next use. While I didn’t dig out a bunch of ear wax (maybe I just don’t have much build up in my ear?) I was able to clean out some flakes of wax. I would say this tool works pretty well in keeping my ears clean!

Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for my review.

Want to win one of your own? Simply comment below and I will pick a winner!


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