Body Sports Fitness Ball


This Body Sport fitness ball is awesome! Included in your purchase is an air pump and a pamphlet of how-to exercises!

I am so glad they included a pump in the box! First, you wrap around the included measuring tape around the ball (to make sure you fill it up the correct amount) and begin pumping! The air pump does take awhile to pump the ball up, but it’s an easy process. The ball is filled up when the tape measure is tight around it.

A huge plus is the included pictured exercises! It’s so handy! I have looked up some exercises on Youtube, but I reference the included exercises frequently! They have all times of exercise listed and explained for working different parts of your body.

While working out this ball holds the air in better than other exercise balls I have used! I can balance on it sitting or even do pushups with my feet elevated on it and it’s sturdy! This is a great exercise ball!

The only slightly negative part is the strong smell the ball has. It doesn’t bother me (although it’s an apparent smell), but may bother scent sensitive folks. I will give an update on the scent as time goes on if it fades or not.

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


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