Air Bare Xercises Blu-Ray Volume 1


I have always been active, but have been more consistently working out during the week, since I’ve had my son. I concentrated on Beach Body workouts (Insanity, P90X) for a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I can honestly say I am in better shape now than I was before I was pregnant and I work to maintain that. Now days I don’t concentrate on one workout program like I used to, because I find myself getting tired of the same old workouts. I was sent this Air Bare Xercise Volume 1 Blu-Ray Disc for free to try out and review.

Before I tried this workout I thought it would be a nice easy workout to do on my rest days between other intense at home workouts. Boy I was wrong! These Air Bare exercises had me sweating like a snowman in the springtime! I love this workout! It’s about an hour long and the only thing you need is a wooden bar, broomstick without the handle, or something similar to those. This DVD works different parts of your body throughout the 60 minutes. The beginning of the workout is about stretching and breathing. I like that they dedicate a portion of the time to these two things. Sometimes I forget to breathe, because I’m concentrating on certain moves, so it was great learning the proper breathing techniques. The instructor, Erin, really makes you feel comfortable with your body when working out even if some of the moves may make you feel silly doing them, they work your body! She is an awesome instructor and makes the workout fun!

This workout DVD is a great workout! You can do this workout if your just beginning exercising or if your advanced!


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