Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleanser and Spot Treatment


I received these awesome sized samples from Crowdtap for free to try out and review. As far as I know this Neutrogena Rapid Clear cleanser and spot treatment is a fairly new product. With the changing weather and mommy hood my skin has been breaking out pretty badly, so I was eager to try these products in hopes something would help my skin clear up.

I have been using both these products for over a week and would give these products 4 stars. It seems to have prevented more breakouts and is gradually clearing any remaining pimples on my face.

I have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to cleansers. Some cleansers dry out my skin really bad, but this creamy cleanser feels good on my skin and leaves my face feeling nice and clean. When I apply the spot treatment to those stubborn pimples that just won’t go away, they reduce in size after a couple uses and have began to complete disappear. Overall, these Rapid Clear Neutrogena products work very well for drugstore acne treatments and would recommend you give them a try if your looking for an inexpensive system to clear up your face.


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