Fresh Spring Flowers Fabric Softener by Snuggle


I was recently sent a nice sized sample of the newest scent of fabric softener by Snuggle to try out for free to review. The scent makes my clothes (and me!) smell Spring flower fresh and helps fit right in with the season. I prefer liquid fabric softener over dryer sheets, because I think the liquid releases a stronger and more long lasting scent onto my clothes. I also think they feel more soft!

What’s not to love about the Snuggle brand? With the cutest bear mascot, great prices, and a laundry result living up to it’s name – Snuggle, this brand is my favorite when it comes to keeping my clothes soft and smelling fresh!

The size of this container lasts for a good amount of loads for the price. It’s easy to use, by simply pouring your desired amount and adding it to your laundry load. The scent smells just like it’s title “Fresh Spring Flowers”, while not being too strong!

A soft, light fresh Spring flower scent added to your laundry will make you want to Snuggle right up in your freshly laundered clothes instead of folding them!


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