Blossom VoxBox From Influenster


I absolutely love Influenster! It’s a great company that introduces you to new products and gives you a chance to try them out for free in exchange for your opinion! I received this Blossom Voxbox to do just that and was so excited about all the awesome products it contained. There wasn’t one product I didn’t like!

Beanitos Bean Chips – I absolutely loved these chips! I don’t normally eat chips in my diet, because of how unhealthy they are, but these Beanitos allow me to indulge in chips without feeling so guilty. They have a lot less carbs and a lot more protein (4g!) and actually taste really delicious and they are gluten free! They have the same great chip crunch and some great flavors!

Bear Naked Granola – My new favorite healthy snack! I usually don’t like granola, because the brands I have tried in the past I’m not to keen on the flavor, but this granola has yummy unique flavors! I especially love caramel apple flavor! It tastes like a sweet treat when I mixed in my greek yogurt! I love that they have different textures and granola pieces together for a fun mix! It’s so easy to carry with me on road trips or hiking that I always have a healthy, filling, delicious snack on hand!

Nasoya Zero Pasta – I love that the food included in this Blossom VoxBox was geared towards healthy lifestyles. I eat pretty healthy and workout regularly so it’s nice to be introduced to new and exciting foods that taste great and can fit into my healthy lifestyle. Like, for instance this Pasta! I am absolutely in love with this! I have mostly cut pasta out of my diet because of all the carbs, but this pasta only has 4g of carbs and 15 calories per serving. At first I thought this nutrition would sacrifice the flavor of the noodles, because there was just no way pasta could be so healthy right? However, when I tried the noodles (after rinsing throughly because they come in a liquid) they taste just like any noodle they are substituting. Whether it be spaghetti or chow mien, you’ll be able to enjoy your delicious pasta dish without all the calories and carbs!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – This product is great for any day or night you want to show some leg. I don’t dress up much, except for the rare date night or girls night out, but this product is perfect for making my legs look perfect. I’ve even received compliments while I was out that I had “model legs”…Thanks Sally Hansen! šŸ™‚ This product is easy to apply and really makes your legs looked airbrushed or photoshopped! I have already bought a full-size of this product, because I love it so much!

Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo – I love love love the smell of this shampoo! It’s smells so fruity and delicious! This shampoo surpasses other shampoos in that it is silicone & paraben free, as well as mineral oil free! It’s hard to find shampoos that are free of the chemicals. This shampoo, by Clairol, not only smells divine it really cleans out my hair from any build-up or leftover hairspray! It makes my hair feel so soft after my shower and I am very impressed with this shampoo overall!

Australian Gold Sunscreen SPF 30 – My new favorite sunscreen and a must-have in my purse this summer! This is the best smelling sunscreen ever! It doesn’t have the normal sunscreen smell, but instead leaves you smelling almost tropical. It applies easily like a lotion would and isn’t greasy like other sunscreens. When reapplying this sunscreen every few hours like suggested for sunscreens in general it really will protect your skin and your families skin! A necessity for the summer rays!

NYC City Proof 24 Hour Eyeshadow – I have only ever tried powder palette eyeshadows so I was a little hesitant to try this eyeshadow, but after trying this stick eyeshadow version I like it better than the old eyeshadows I usually use. It applies easily and blends smooth like butter! Not only is it a great eyeshadow, it can be used as an eyeliner as well. I love the color I was given to try out (Brooklyn Mocha). It isn’t to dark for my skin and gives me a nice shine and color enhancement around my eyes. I can’t wait to to try the other colors of this eyeshadow, they have quite a few! I really want to try the black color (New York at Night) and see how it compares if I use it as a replacement for the eyeliner I usually use. These eyeshadows are less than $5, which is amazing to me, because of how well they work!

Overall, I’m super excited about all my products I received complimentary of Influenster to try out and review and intend to buy a majority of them! They all fit into my lifestyle perfectly!


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