Xylacor By Cody Sattler Fat Burner Capsules


Does the name Cody Sattler sound familiar? Well he was the Bachelorette 2014 and Bachelor Paradise Star! He continues to work as a personal trainer, which explains his muscular physique on the show, noticed by not only Andy but millions of viewers as well. In an effort to help women reach their weight loss or toning goals he has worked to develop Xylacor, a fat burner that is specially formulated for women and even more awesome, the capsules are PINK!

My son is 18 months old now (although it seems he has started the terrible two stage already!) and so it has been a little over 2 years since before I was pregnant. I have been active all my life with gymnastics, cheerleading, and track, so maintaining a slim body and eating whatever I pleased was easy, but after having my son, participating less in sports, and my metabolism slowing down, it’s difficult (and at times frustrating) to stay toned. I have made serious changes starting with my diet. I have cut most dairy, grains, and processed foods out of my diet and have replaced those more vegetables, fruit, and protein. Every once in awhile, of course, I treat myself to a greasy burger or some pizza. I also keep pretty active with pilates and interval training home DVD’s and running a few days a week, as well as going on a family walk at night. With all these drastic changes to my lifestyle I still struggle to tone my stomach to where I would like it look.

Along with protein shakes, I have added these Xylacor capsules to my diet and exercise routine. Each bottle contains 70 capsules and it is suggested to take 1-3 daily. I have started with just taking one a day for a week and even though it hasn’t been a long period of time I have noticed some results already! This dietary supplement has helped my stomach tone up and my abdominals have become more defined (as you can see in my before and after pictures). I can’t wait to see what my results look like in a month or two!


With these fat burner pills I do become dehydrated more easily, so it is important to remember to drink lots of water when taking these. I recommend to take these capsules balanced with a healthy diet and exercise routine to see the best results. Because Xylacor contains caffeine I would caution you to not take these too late in the day. It may cause you to have trouble sleeping at night. With the help of Xylacor I hope you are able to achieve your weight loss or body toning goals as well and I will keep you updated on how my progress is coming along over the next few months. I guess the last few words to say is thanks Cody!

Disclosure: I received Xylacor at a discount to try out and review. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.



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