Orange Crate/Tryazon Party


I love entertaining and will use every holiday (big or small) or find any other reason to throw a party for my friends. This Orange Crate/Tryazon Party opportunity was perfect for a wine and cheese night! Orange Crate is a company that has made it possible to enjoy and serve gourmet foods in a simplified way! I received not one, but two dip chillers and brie bakers from Orange Crate. I received red and black in colors for these ceramic ware, but their website does have a variety of colors. Not only are they quality made items, but I most say the dip chiller is genius for keeping dips at the perfect temperature (especially in the summer!). The brie baker was the perfect size for the hot dips and aided in cooking them to perfection.

They included 3 flavors of cold dips, hot dips, and cheeseball kits in the package I received. The cold dip flavors were Red Chipotle Pepper, Lemon Dill, and Sun Dried Tomato. Included in the hot dips were a pizza flavor, Artichoke and Parmesan, and Cheesy Onion & Garlic. Last, but most defiantly not least the cheeseball kits provided for my guests and I were Country Vegetable, Green Onion, and Garlic. Although the hot dips took a little more time each flavor kit only required a few more ingredients for me to purchase. Most of these dips and cheeseballs only required mayo, sour cream, and cheese. Although all of these flavors and varieties of cheeses and dips were delicious (and paired perfectly with a glass of wine), the party favorites included the hot pizza dip and the sun dried tomato cold dip!

I received quite a few inquiries after the party, I of course was interested as well, as to what other flavors of dips and cheeseballs Orange Crate sells. A look at their website and they have quite a variety! They have a few in holiday packaging (perfect for a gift!) and other delicious flavors. I am eager to order and try the Smokey Bacon cheeseball for my next festivity! A look at the Orange Crate website and I am sure you will find a number of items for your next party! They have everything from ceramic ware to beverages and dinner seasonings. I am very pleased with the experience my friends and I had with Orange Crate. I am so glad I was introduced to this brand and can’t wait until my next holiday bash, because I have quite a few items I already intend on buying from their website!


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