Summer With Snuggle Bear

IMG_6455 IMG_6555

I received this super cute Snuggle Bear mascot (represents the Snuggle laundry care brand) for free to bring a long with my family this summer on the trips and activities we do this summer. Snuggle Bear regularly reads with us every day. My son loves the bright colors of Dr. Seuss books and loves to hold on to Snuggle Bear while I read them to him. It makes reading time so much fun! We also take Snuggle Bear to the park. He is the perfect size to travel along with us and my son loves taking turns with the bear on the swing, which is the cutest thing ever! He will even push him in the swing. 🙂 We have had a great summer so far with Snuggle Bear and will continue to include him on our adventures. I love the mascot of the Snuggle brand and the brand itself. They have great laundry products for our family and I love the scents they come in. My favorite product is the snuggle liquid fabric softeners in the Exhilarations scents! They have a variety of scents in this line of liquid fabric softeners and they all smell so good! The scent lasts long and keeps are clothes nice and soft too! I love the Snuggle brand and my son loves the Snuggle Bear mascot! A win-win for our family!


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