Red Carpets & White Lies

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I don’t watch very much TV….maybe an episode or two a week, but I must admit The Real Housewives shows are my guilty pleasure. My favorite is The Real Housewives of Miami. When I heard Lea Black, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Miami, wrote a book I was super excited to read it! I admire Lea Black with her work with charities, galas, and all around glam! I was over the moon thrilled to receive her debut book complimentary to read and review.

I am used to reading most books on my Kindle, but it felt so good to hold an actual book again! A Kindle may be convenient, but it doesn’t compare to flipping through the pages of a physical book.

Immerse yourself into the glamorous city of Miami while reading Red Carpets & White Lies. Lea Black is an expert on the A-list world and uses character, Leigh White, to tell all about it! Lea created a great cast of witty, diverse characters to accompany the main character Leigh White through the gossip, glam, and shocking events that take place in Miami. You may even recognize a few familiar names from the reality TV show, who make guest appearances in this novel. Focusing on Leigh White’s charity balls that fundraise great amounts of money for great causes, you’ll really understand how much work and time goes into these charity events. I don’t want to give to much away, but the big scandal, humor, and gossip in this book kept my interest until the end. I couldn’t put this book down while reading it and recommend it as my monthly must read for August!

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-Congrats to Anna W.-


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