RoosterFin/Tryazon Game Night

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RoosterFin?! More like Rooster FUN! A big THANK YOU to RooserFin and Tryazon for letting my friends and I try out these awesome games in exchange for our reviews! Our RoosterFin night was filled with fun and laughs and great memories! I, myself prefer a night in over going out to a club or bar, so this party was a great opportunity for me to invite my friends over for drinks, snacks, and games!

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The first RoosterFin game of the night was Rooster Race – The High Low Game of Fowl Fun. This seemed like a good game to start out the party with since it had Rooster in the title!. The boxed game includes 75 rooster cards, 15 ears of corn pieces, and instructions. One card is placed face-side up on the floor (or table) and the players are given 14 playing cards. The number of cards that are delt can depend on the number of players your have. Players are to guess if their card is higher or lower than the card on the floor (or table) and if they guess right they get an ear of corn. On the flip side, if you guess wrong, you have to give back an ear of corn. The player that collects the most corn pieces wins! This game was super fun and got competitive fast! A fun and easy, competitive game for families and friends of all ages, 5 and up.


Lumpy Cubes was voted the best game of the night and the vote was unanimous! Since I had 5 people at my party and this game is for 4 people, we took turns. Lumpy Cubes consists of 16 stacking cubes in 4 colors with faces on two sides of each cube. Blue, green, orange, and yellow are the players colors. Flip a card over and stack the faced cubes according to the order on the card. The first player to shout out “Lumpy” with a correctly stacked tower keeps the card. We, however, played a little different…the winner of the round got to pick someone to take a sip or shot of their drink. This made the game super competitive and we played again and again! Although we played our own “adult” version of this game, Lumpy Cubes is great for so many ages! It’s easy for kids to play and have fun with too! The plastic blocks are quality made so they will be sure to last for years and years of playing!

The last game of the night was super appropriate for our “adult” versioned game night! Mohawkz reminded us of a certain drinking game, with a new take! We sort of made teams for this game, as it only has 3 sets of Mohawkz balls (2 colored for each team or person). Simply bounce the ball and try to land it in the hole. This was a pretty fun game, but didn’t have as much substance as the other games, so it was a good end the game night game. I also have to add I do wish the cut out hole stand was made of something sturdier than cardboard. I feel that if younger kids were to play this game that it might not hold up.

All in all, RoosterFin night was a success! We had so much fun playing all three games and I recommend looking into these games yourself for your own game night or for a holiday present! RoosterFin games are reasonably priced and are sure to cause laughs, fun, and some friendly competition! I love that each game doesn’t have a million pieces, making it easy to take anywhere and they are appropriate for all ages! (5 and up). Check out to purchase these games and to check out the other fun games they have to offer to make your next game night a success!


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