Custom Made Shift Dress by Suuchi

I received this beautiful piece of clothing from Suuchi. Each piece of clothing is custom made for you according to your measurements or by using a standard size of your choice. Each piece of clothing is handmade in the USA using quality fabric and materials and is shipped to your doorstep faster than most online clothing retailers (within5 days). They have many styles to choose from in categories from dresses, blouses. skirts, outerwear, pants, and accessories. After choosing your style of clothing and size you are able to pick your fabric from the listed ones on the website. There are so many beautiful colors and patterns! A 3D animation of the piece helps you visualize what your finished product will look like and assists you in making the right choice in color.  I also just noticed that the prints and colors change on the model in the picture as you click the different choice. An AWESOME feature that may have just been added. Accessories range from $20-40, while clothing is a little more expensive ranging from $40-115.

The style I am wearing is the Shift Dress with Pocket and V Neck priced at $70 on Suuchi. The loose fit and unique sleeves and collar line is a beautiful combination and effortlessly fashionable! I also love the side pockets on this dress, very unique! Pair this dress with a pair of heels or booties and you hardly need any accessories, because the dress is so beautiful on it’s own. It makes me feel like a runway model when I wear it! I was impressed by the quality of this dress. It was so beautifully made and the fabric is quality fabric, but not too heavy. I ordered a US 2 and put my height in as 5’5 for this shift dress. I do LOVE this dress that I received for free to review because it is trendy and comfortable and would love more colors of this style added to my closet!

Not only do I love the name Suuchi, but I love my custom made dress and the other pieces they have to offer on their website. Finally fashionistas are able to have their clothes made custom to their size and shape and made in the USA! There are so many options and styles on the site there is something for every woman!


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