Way Better Snacks Chips

I received a sample bag of Way Better Snacks Sweet Chili Corn Tortilla Chips in my Cheers to You VoxBox from Influenster to try out for free and review. I rarely consume chips or keep chips in my house, because they are unhealthy, but these Way Better Snacks chips are one of the few healthy alternative brands of chips I would make an exception for! I love the “Sweet Chili” flavor in general and these chips hit the flavor spot on! They are delicious by themselves and perfectly compliment a variety of dishes! I have had them with taco stuffed peppers (shown above) and with seasoned chicken. I have yet to try the other varieties and flavors Way Better Snacks has to offer, but fully intend to!

Not only are the chips Non Gmo and gluten free, but they are made with simple ingredients! Some ingredients included in these Sweet Chili Corn Tortilla Chips include Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Chia, and Sprouted Broccoli. There are a few simple ingredients that make up this short ingredient list and I can pronounce every ingredient! This goes to show how much better these chips are for you than other chips and some of the ingredients you wouldn’t even think could be in a chip! These are my go-to chips when I get a craving and I can’t wait to try out some other varieties! #SnackWayBetter


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