Disney Cars Plastic Surprise Eggs & Bonus

I love celebrating Easter! One of my favorite activities to plan is an Easter Egg Hunt! My son was old enough this year to understand and participate so I had so much fun hiding the eggs. One of my big concerns with hiding the plastic eggs with candy outside is that the ants would come running. The ants here in Texas are intense and fast! These Disney Cars Plastic Surprise Eggs were the perfect solution! The candy is sealed in tightly-sealed plastic wrap so the bugs won’t even know there is candy inside! That is probably one of my favorite features of these eggs! Another perk is that they are filled so you won’t have to worry about buying little toys and wondering if they fit inside.

Each egg is plastic wrapped with a Disney Cars design (my son’s favorite). Once you remove the plastic wrap, the egg is a solid red, which is perfect for reusing the next year! Inside each egg is candy, a sticker, and a surprise! The surprises were so fun for my son! He got excited to see what which egg would contain! An egg could contain a cars bouncy ball (as shown above), a cars yoyo, or even a cars disc launcher! There is a pamphlet on each egg that shows all the items you can collect.

And if the eggs weren’t awesome enough, this set comes with a bonus sticker activity kit. My son loved this! The stickers are reusable (so awesome!) and come with a racetrack background to stick them on. So many fun things in this whole set for a reasonable price! An easy & fun way to surprise your little one! I will defiantly be purchasing more of these next year! Great for Easter egg hunts or even birthday party favors!

Disclosure: I received these products at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I have not been compensated in any other way.


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