I would say this True Easy Syringe is a must have in the medicine cabinet! I am a mother of one and although every parent hopes and prays that their little one won’t catch the cold and flu germs going around, sometimes it’s inevitable.

Some medications for children come with a cup measure. The cup measures are terrible, because they are so messy! Sticky medicine everywhere and there’s always some medicine left at the bottom! This syringe makes measuring and giving the right dose easy to do without a mess! I have never seen a syringe that has the dosage dials on the top. It’s so cool and convenient! No more trying to eyeball and guess if it’s on the right line! This True Easy Syringe is $4.69 on Amazon! A great price for a must have tool in the medicine cabinet. This little tool is also BPA free and also super easy to clean!

Disclosure: I received this True Easy Syringe for free in exchange for my review.


My healthy baby home party was a success! I received all these great products and samples to try out for free with my mommy friends thanks to Seventh Generation. I even invited some neighbors I hadn’t really gotten to know yet! It was so much fun learning about all the great products! I absolutely love the Seventh Generation wipes! They were defiantly voted the fan favorite! The wipes are made for sensitive babies and have cute little designs shaped into the wipes! The laundry detergent and dish detergent are all natural and smell great! The sample packs are portable because of their size and so easy to use for one load of dishes or laundry.

Each goodie bag contained samples of the laundry & dish detergent and the wipes as well as pamphlets and a sample of Zarbee’s Naturals. My guests loved the cute bags they came in and the Bingo game Seventh Generation included was a huge hit! Diapers, wipes, dish detergent, and a Bobble were up for grabs as prizes!

Thank you to Seventh Generation for letting us all try these great products! You defiantly won us over!


I received this fun filled pack of “If You Were Me And Lived In…” goodies including two books from the series, an informational booklet, a coloring book, crayons, and a blow up globe to review and use with my son. I absolutely love these “If You Were Me And Lived In…” books! Not only are these educational, but they are fun to read and learn about different cultures! I read through the Russian and Chinese version with my son and the cute illustrations kept him engaged while I read the traditions and other cultural facts about these two far away places. There are quite a few books in this series showcasing different cultures around the world and are not only fun to read at home to your kids, but would also be very appropriate for a classroom setting. Each version of the book is between 20-30 pages and is a valuable tool in teaching kids about different ethnicities.

I highly recommend these books and I look forward to reading the “If You Were Me And Lived In…South Korea” next. Since I am Korean and my son is half Korean, I think it would be awesome to learn more about our heritage and culture together. Carole P. Roman is a brilliant author, taking you on a journey to other countries with these interesting and engaging books!


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