Cor Surf Bamboo Sunglasses

This pair of Cor Surf bamboo sunglasses is probably the coolest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen! A great last minute gift idea for the holidays. Who doesn’t need sunglasses? ..And the bamboo frames with a bonus case makes this a unique and quality gift for your best friend, brother, husband, or teenager!

I love the classic wayfarer style because for one, I don’t think this shape will over go out of style and secondly, because it’s the only design that won’t slide down my nose. I don’t wear sunglasses often because they start to hurt my nose and ears from the weight, but these sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. I am so happy I was able to review these for free in exchange for my review, because I now have eye protection that is comfortable and stylish.

I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the frames which are handcrafted and made from eco friendly sustainable wood. With polarized frames and such beautifully made frames, it’s awesome that Cor Surf includes a cloth and a bamboo case to keep your shades protected when not in use. The case is just as quality crafted as the frames and I love the style of it. If the case isn’t enough protection for these awesome Bamboo sunglasses they also come with a 5 year warranty! Can it get any better?

These Cor Surf Bamboo sunglasses are currently $55.95 on Amazon and are defiantly worth the price. Not only are the sunglasses beautifully crafted, they come with a case and a warranty! All these qualities make for the perfect gift! I may have to purchase a pair for each of my closest friends!



Captain & Wingman Father & Son Matching Ties


IMG_7399 IMG_7403

Finding the perfect gift for dad can be a difficult task! I, for one have such a hard time coming up with gifts for my husband. This Father & Son Matching Skinny Tie Set by Captain & Wingman is the perfect gift for your husband (and son!). Not only is a nice gift for Dad, but I love that includes my son in the gift too! These are high quality ties! They are light weight, but made with thick fabric. I love the grey colors and pattern of this tie set. You can’t go wrong with a grey palette! The adult tie is a modern skinny tie shape. While the adult version ties around the neck, the son tie clips around the neck for an easy attachment. Both ties are handmade out of 100% microfiber polyester. They are machine washable which is a huge plus! And stain and wrinkle resistant, which is GREAT, especially since kids can get messy!

I LOVE these ties for my boys! They are so beautifully made and modern and great for so any occasions. Formal events would be the perfect opportunity to have the men in your life wear these ties and they can also be dressed down with a pair of nice jeans and a nice shirt for less formal occasions. This set is $19.95 on Amazon…a great price for such high quality ties! Captain & Wingman have 5 color styles to choose from and three different sizes for the boy tie. With the holidays coming up this Father & Son Matching Skinny Tie Set is a great quality gift at a great price and I am so impressed with this set that I have teamed up with the brand Captain & Wingman to give away a set to one lucky reader! Enter below & Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received this product for free to review. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

Winner: Nicole G.

RoosterFin/Tryazon Game Night

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.58.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.57.38 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.58.06 PM

RoosterFin?! More like Rooster FUN! A big THANK YOU to RooserFin and Tryazon for letting my friends and I try out these awesome games in exchange for our reviews! Our RoosterFin night was filled with fun and laughs and great memories! I, myself prefer a night in over going out to a club or bar, so this party was a great opportunity for me to invite my friends over for drinks, snacks, and games!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.49.19 PM

The first RoosterFin game of the night was Rooster Race – The High Low Game of Fowl Fun. This seemed like a good game to start out the party with since it had Rooster in the title!. The boxed game includes 75 rooster cards, 15 ears of corn pieces, and instructions. One card is placed face-side up on the floor (or table) and the players are given 14 playing cards. The number of cards that are delt can depend on the number of players your have. Players are to guess if their card is higher or lower than the card on the floor (or table) and if they guess right they get an ear of corn. On the flip side, if you guess wrong, you have to give back an ear of corn. The player that collects the most corn pieces wins! This game was super fun and got competitive fast! A fun and easy, competitive game for families and friends of all ages, 5 and up.


Lumpy Cubes was voted the best game of the night and the vote was unanimous! Since I had 5 people at my party and this game is for 4 people, we took turns. Lumpy Cubes consists of 16 stacking cubes in 4 colors with faces on two sides of each cube. Blue, green, orange, and yellow are the players colors. Flip a card over and stack the faced cubes according to the order on the card. The first player to shout out “Lumpy” with a correctly stacked tower keeps the card. We, however, played a little different…the winner of the round got to pick someone to take a sip or shot of their drink. This made the game super competitive and we played again and again! Although we played our own “adult” version of this game, Lumpy Cubes is great for so many ages! It’s easy for kids to play and have fun with too! The plastic blocks are quality made so they will be sure to last for years and years of playing!

The last game of the night was super appropriate for our “adult” versioned game night! Mohawkz reminded us of a certain drinking game, with a new take! We sort of made teams for this game, as it only has 3 sets of Mohawkz balls (2 colored for each team or person). Simply bounce the ball and try to land it in the hole. This was a pretty fun game, but didn’t have as much substance as the other games, so it was a good end the game night game. I also have to add I do wish the cut out hole stand was made of something sturdier than cardboard. I feel that if younger kids were to play this game that it might not hold up.

All in all, RoosterFin night was a success! We had so much fun playing all three games and I recommend looking into these games yourself for your own game night or for a holiday present! RoosterFin games are reasonably priced and are sure to cause laughs, fun, and some friendly competition! I love that each game doesn’t have a million pieces, making it easy to take anywhere and they are appropriate for all ages! (5 and up). Check out to purchase these games and to check out the other fun games they have to offer to make your next game night a success!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Zubel’s Holiday Christmas Collection

When it comes to Christmas shopping for my family do I start in September or October? Neither! I love gift giving and I shop all year round picking up deals and coming across awesome products during the process. With the holiday season approaching I thought it would be quite appropriate to start a 2015 Holiday Gift Guide of some of my favorite toys & products and since I’m almost done shopping I would love to help my readers out with ideas for their families and friends.


My first recommendation is from Zubels Holiday and Christmas Collection. Zubels is a family owned company who are committed to creating eco-friendly toys and child wear. These items are hand knitted and are made of 100% cotton are the kids are sure to love them! Not only does Zubels sell awesome toys, but they also offer sweaters, hats, booties, and pants! With so many choices, there is something for every little guy or gal!


I absolutely love these knit cotton dolls! They are soft and cute and quality made! Zubels offers 12″ versions (like the ones shown I was sent to review) and 7″ rattle versions of most of their dolls with so many to choose from! Toy Soldiers, Reindeer, Santa Clause and more. The hardest gift buying decisions will be deciding between the cute, cuddly characters! I loved the vibrant colors and how soft these cotton knit dolls are and they would be the perfect Stocking Stuffers or presents from Santa under the tree for your child to wake up to! ]

I also love the 4″ Lil’ Dimples dolls (as shown in first picture with the Zubels catalog). The Lil’ Dimples Santa Clause is super super cute and will arrive packaged in a clear box. You can choose from Santa Clause, A Reindeer or a Snowman. Not only are these fun little stocking stuffers as well they can also be adorable ornaments to keep each year and hang on the tree!

My son loves his Zubels dolls and carries at least one of them everywhere! He plays with them around the house and brings them along as a companion when we drive anywhere! With all this activity his dolls will need some clean up once in awhile. Washing instructions instruct to hand wash these items in warm water with a gentle detergent. Avoid bleach and roll in a towel to absorb some of the water from washing. Lay the knit cotton dolls flat and let them finish drying.

At reasonable prices for such high quality knit dolls I hope kids and family love the Holiday Collection as much as my family does!

Disclosure: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any other way.

If You Were Me And Live In….


I received this fun filled pack of “If You Were Me And Lived In…” goodies including two books from the series, an informational booklet, a coloring book, crayons, and a blow up globe to review and use with my son. I absolutely love these “If You Were Me And Lived In…” books! Not only are these educational, but they are fun to read and learn about different cultures! I read through the Russian and Chinese version with my son and the cute illustrations kept him engaged while I read the traditions and other cultural facts about these two far away places. There are quite a few books in this series showcasing different cultures around the world and are not only fun to read at home to your kids, but would also be very appropriate for a classroom setting. Each version of the book is between 20-30 pages and is a valuable tool in teaching kids about different ethnicities.

I highly recommend these books and I look forward to reading the “If You Were Me And Lived In…South Korea” next. Since I am Korean and my son is half Korean, I think it would be awesome to learn more about our heritage and culture together. Carole P. Roman is a brilliant author, taking you on a journey to other countries with these interesting and engaging books!

Oak Leaf Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Mirror

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 1.26.30 PM

I love love LOVE this two-sided swivel vanity mirror by Oak Leaf that I received for free to try out and give my honest opinion and I am super pleased with this product! It arrived very nicely packed and protected and shipped quickly. It arrived with the base disconnected to keep it safe through the shipping process so I attached the base on myself and it only took a minute (super easy).

This is a quality vanity mirror! The picture doesn’t do it justice! I was so impressed with how high quality this mirror was when I opened the box! It’s a lot nicer than most two-sided mirrors your find in big box retailers and it is sold at a great price too! This mirror is only $13.99 on Amazon (with free shipping over $35) and I assure you it is worth the price, in fact it’s a steal! The dual side makes it great for putting on makeup and then flipping the mirror over to the magnified side to do other beauty things such as plucking your eyebrows or assuring you hit every lash with your mascara! It easily swivels back and forth and stays in the position you want it to. The brand name, Oak Leaf is subtly transcript on the front of the base and helps make it look even more high quality.

The chrome finish of the mirror helps fit in with any bathroom or makeup vanity and would make a great gift for any makeup lover! With the holidays coming up I would defiantly recommend this two-sided swivel vanity mirror! It’s high quality and doesn’t break the bank!

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

ea2d6de9c7ca4258ac928998502d0e98Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.28.13 PM

I received Jergens new Wet Skin Moisturizer for free to test out and review from Influenster in my Wellness VoxBox and I absolutely love this! This moisturizer is a new staple in my skincare routine for many reasons and I think you should try it too! First of all it’s easy to use right out of the shower. The instructions say to apply it while your body is still wet from the shower, because it helps lock in moisture and then to dab your skin dry afterwards. Not only does this save you time, you use less moisturizer, since your skin is wet it spreads out easier while you are applying and it keep your skin moisturized all day! This moisturizer smells so good, a light floral scent, and it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin! My skin is soft and smooth after using this and has a new radiance to it! One of the first fragranced moisturizers I have been able to use since I started having a bad skin reaction to Bath & Body Works and other fragranced lotions. I have been using baby lotion for fear of another reaction until I tried this Wet Skin Moisturizer from Jergens with Monoi oil. Jergens also offers their new Wet Skin Moisturizer with Green Tea Oil, and one with Coconut Oil. I am set on trying the Coconut Oil one after I runout of this bottle, because I love the smell of Coconut! Thank you Jergens for making my skin look and feel great!